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The leading companies of tomorrow require a new supply chain execution paradigm today. Let Bolders Consulting Group show you the way.

The new paradigm of supply chain execution

The new paradigm of supply chain execution changes operations through integrated systems, real-time processing, automation, and predictive analytics. This shift towards agility and efficiency empowers people to serve customers better.


From siloed operations...

Supply chain execution operated independently across departments, hindering collaboration and efficiency.

NEW integrated systems.

Supply chain execution processes are seamlessly connected, enabling real-time visibility and collaboration.


From batch processing...

Orders were fulfilled in large batches, leading to longer lead times and higher inventory levels.

NEW real-time processing.

Orders are fulfilled immediately upon receipt, reducing lead times and enhancing responsiveness.


From manual processes...

Labor-intensive tasks with an increased risk of errors and limited scalability for future growth.

NEW automation and robotics.

Automated technologies streamline processes, improving efficiency and accuracy.


From a reactive approach...

Responses to changes or disruptions are after the fact, impacting agility, long lead times and customer service cues.

NEW a predictive and agile approach.

Advanced analytics anticipate demand and disruptions, allowing for proactive decision-making and execution.

Industry experience with every execution tool...

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

SAP ARIBA / Business Networks




SAP Materials Management

SAP Plant Maintenance (PM)

SAP Asset Management

SAP MM advice, implement and support you
in every part of your supply chain.

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Bolders Consulting Group consultants provide you with clarity due to their extensive supply chain experience.

Ask us for advice:

  • Which tool works best for our company?
  • How does it work with our ERP system?
  • What is the best way to improve forecast accuracy?


Implementation of a new supply chain planning paradigm requires to do people, process, IT and data right.

Ask us for implementation:

  • What is the timeline and investment for SAP EWM?
  • How do I make sure that people use the new tool?
  • Can you integrate with some old legacy systems?


Stay productive with your offshore support team. Fix issues, report root-causes and train new hires.

Ask us for support:

  • What is the best way to get support for fixing issues?
  • Would it be possible to have an online training for new hires?
  • What are the new relevant features for SAP EWM?