Salling Group Client Success Story

Read our Salling Group success story to see how this growing business uses SAP EWM and BCG Services for a more reliable customer experience.

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Manish Sudam Bhavsar

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Salling Group


Aarhus, Denmark

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Client Business

Salling Group’s history stretches back more than 100 years to 1906. Over the years, the company has developed dramatically, and what began as a small draper’s shop in Aarhus is today an international retailing group.In1906, Ferdinand Salling opened his draper’s shop in Aarhus. The shop gradually grew, and in 1948 the first part of Salling department store was opened. In 1953, his son, Herman Salling took over the business, and it grew over the following years and became the basis of Salling Group.Today Salling Group is Denmark’s largest grocery group with chains such as føtex, Bilka, Netto, Salling large stores, BR and stores in Denmark, Germany and Poland, the grocery chains føtex and Bilka as well as Salling Stormagasiner, the toy chain BR and associated online stores in Denmark. In addition, the company operates the franchise chains Starbucks and Carl’s Jr on the Danish market. This makes Salling Group Denmark’s largest retail group with 10 million customers and guests per week in their stores and restaurants. Today Salling Group is much more than that. Shops, webshops, coffee bars, restaurants, meal boxes and a number of own brands are all part of the Salling Group. Their chains and stores offer products and shopping experiences that suit all customers’ finances and needs.

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Challenges with a Legacy System

The Distribution Center often struggle with slow processes, a lack of automation, and time-consuming reporting, and the distribution center of Salling Group was no exception.

The distribution center of organization on the outskirts of Berlin is supplying goods to stores in Germany that has Automated High bay storage with 8 cranes for grocery goods and 3 cranes for chilled goods. It was operating on a 25 years old Legacy Warehouse Management System (made by SSI Schaefer) which was customized regularly to adapt to business requirements.

They must focus on mission success, fuel growth, and demonstrate accountability and transparency. Legacy system was soon to be out of service warranty and Salling Group decided implement SAP EWM and MFS.

Main challenges were to:

  1. To build SAP EWM solution that will satisfy the complex warehouse operations with two very different businesses i.e. Grocery and Chilled/Fresh goods.
  2. To support high throughput of the warehouse – daily 200 trucks shipped with 12000 SKUs picked by Cartons using Voice Supported Devices.

Time to Take Flight to the Cloud with SAP EWM (BROWN FIELD), EWM MFS (GREEN FIELD)

The Distribution Center in Salling Group needed a solution to carry out its mission without interruption. BCG consultant “Manish Sudam Bhavsar” evaluated a few options, during his research, he spoke to an auditor who provided some initial feedback on what to look for and focus on user friendly solutions. 

Salling Group and Bolders Consulting Group collaborated to implement two suitable solutions within a timeframe as Bolder Consulting Group believes that its consultants hit every deadline.


  1. Plan and execute Warehouse Activities like picking and loading strictly as per Arrival time of pickup truck. 
  2. Schedule multiple picking truck at the same door.

– EWM MFS (GREEN FIELD) – operate High bay Pallet storage, Cranes and Conveyors.

– EWM shipping cockpit (GREEN FIELD) – real time monitoring of picking, Staging and loading activities.

Immediate, Tangible Benefits:

Based on Salling Group’s historical data, Bolder Consulting Group expert “Manish” began reaping the benefits of SAP solutions; Reduced WMS software license cost as Salling Group is already using SAP EWM for other warehouses.

One system to operate Chilled Warehouse and Ambient Warehouse. (legacy WMS had two different systems each for Chilled and Ambient Warehouse)

Warehouse picking is strictly prioritized as per arrival time of the pickup truck.

System driven load plan to Schedule multiple picking truck at the same door. (Saving the Manpower- 2 people)

And the distribution center of Salling Group can more efficiently achieve its vision of transforming lives and communities through compassion, hope, recovery and service. 

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