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Supply Chain experts that make sure your IT empowers your employees, clients and suppliers at every step of your supply chain.

Protect yourself against
the challenges of today...

Rising costs of material

Soaring material costs are financially stressful.

Working capital constraints

Limited working capital feels restrictive.

More frequent disruptions

Frequent disruptions demand adaptability.

...with a paradigm that is made
for a sustainable future.


From linear and sequential...

The old paradigm followed a linear and sequential approach, where supply chain processes were seen as a series of discrete and separate functions, each with its own goals and metrics.

NEW integrated and collaborative.

The new paradigm emphasizes integration and collaboration across the entire supply chain network. It treats the supply chain as a dynamic ecosystem rather than a linear process.


From cost centric...

Cost reduction was the primary focus of the old paradigm. Companies aimed to minimize expenses at each stage of the supply chain, often leading to a narrow view of cost-saving opportunities.

NEW customer-centric.

Customer satisfaction and responsiveness are at the forefront of the new paradigm. Companies aim to meet the unique needs of customers by offering customization, shorter lead times, and superior service.


From limited visibility...

The old paradigm often had limited visibility into supply chain operations beyond immediate suppliers and customers. This made it challenging to adapt to disruptions and changes in the market.

NEW technology and data-driven.

The new paradigm leverages advanced technologies like AI, IoT, and analytics to gather real-time data and gain insights into supply chain operations. This enables better decision-making.


From forecast-driven...

Traditional supply chains heavily relied on forecasts to plan production and inventory levels. These forecasts were often inaccurate, leading to issues like overstocking or stockouts.

NEW resilience and flexibility.

The new paradigm focuses on building resilient and flexible supply chains that can adapt quickly to disruptions, such as natural disasters, geopolitical events, or shifts in customer demand.

Connect every part of the supply chain...

Supply Chain Planning

Improve forecast accuracy and reduce inventory.

Supply Chain Execution

Deliver value to your customers effortlessly. As promised.

Data, Analytics and AI

Connect insights to finance. Know where to improve next.

...with the proven Bolders Business System...

  • Proven framework because execution is key.
  • Naturally involve people, process, data and technology.
  • Trust, care and team work to get results.

...and the best people to get things done.

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