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Discover the Untapped Potential of your supply-chain by tapping into your latent data.

Harness your data. Make more with less.

In an era where data abundance meets diverse utilisation, the one element in short supply is time. Our experts in AI and data analytics strategy construct not just platforms, but entire organisational architectures that rapidly convert potential into tangible value. Speed is the new currency!

How we help clients

Bolders Consulting Group specialises in empowering businesses through cutting-edge data, analytics, and artificial intelligence services, all hosted on the cloud. Our focus is on transforming the way organisations handle their data – from collection to insight. Utilising advanced cloud platforms, we offer scalable and secure data management, real-time analytics, and innovative AI capabilities.

Our team of experts is adept at integrating AI-driven insights with your business processes, enabling smarter decision-making, enhanced productivity, and robust data governance. Whether it’s harnessing predictive analytics for market trend analysis or employing machine learning models for operational efficiency, Bolders Consulting Group tailors its offerings to align with your unique business objectives. We facilitate a seamless transition to the cloud, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum return on investment. With Bolders Consulting Group, unlock the full potential of your data in the cloud and stay ahead in the digital era.

Intrinsic Value of data

Establish trusted, democratised and reusable data products that improve speed and efficiency, even in the absence of advanced AI.

Value: Reduced cost of rework, more timely insights, improved adoption through transparency and trust.

Accelerated data + AI value

Evaluate marketplace innovation and establish effective governance for AI solution integration into the broader architecture, avoiding cloud-based silos.

Value: AI-driven automation of complex processes can deliver in-year returns with pre-built solutions vs. multiple years to stand up custom builds.

Exponential value with AI

Deploy workflows that empower teams to experiment with AI more quickly, with a fast path to production.

Value: Re-invented workflows like customer interactions, new product introduction, physical and digital supply chains, asset maintenance.

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